With television programmes such as ‘Four weddings’ featuring in primetime hours the pressure is on for couples to make their big event even bigger.


Hiring a magician for your wedding is a fantastic way of making your big day that little bit more memorable for your guests and stand out from so many other weddings!


I provide a variety of packages based on both budget and my vast experience of the times when entertainment at a wedding is best suited.


I realise how many other arrangements have to be made for your big day and have tried to make your decisions when booking entertainment as easy as possible.


You can expect a diverse sophisticated repertoire at your table, card tricks, mind reading stunts, bar bets and gambling scams. Enough to keep you entertained or perplexed.

But not too much that it becomes an intrusion to the enjoyment of your day.


Table magic at weddings brings families together with ice-breakers that they’ll talk about in years to come.



There is of course total flexibility in providing this type of entertainment at your wedding and you are very welcome to contact me to discuss your needs.


You’d be surprised at how competitively priced this type of entertainment can be.

  • A choice of options

    Choose from Bronze silver or gold packages to meet your needs and budget.


  • Bronze package

    1 Hour of walkaround magic.

  • Silver package

    2 hours of walkaround magic.

    eg: prior to speeches, after dinner before disco starts.

  • Gold package

    2 hours of walkaround split into 2 occaisions eg: during photocall and then after speeches.